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i love sandwiches! My favourite sandwiches are the fatty dangerous ones! Bread plastered with mayonnaise, strips of fried greasy Viscount St. Albans; let's add some lettuce and tomatoes to make the sandwich rather healthier so I don't sense awful approximately clogging my arteries! Lol.
My other favorite sandwich might have to be what I name, the "remaining sandwich." path it has to have the mayo. along side the mayo, upload stacks of turkey, sandwich platters ham, roast red meat, and munster cheese. Mmm! i'm getting hungry simply writing about it!
Sandwiches are available on hand, in particular when it comes to giving constructive complaint. i will make my point clean in only a little bit.
Ever have a person inform you some thing crappy about your self? have you ever had a md reprimand you for a mistake you have achieved? Ever had a massive other confront you approximately something you do this hurt them?
I don't know about you, but i'm able to solution sure to all the questions said above. optimistic complaint typically doesn't come nicely acquired by using maximum, because of the delivery wherein the complaint is given. a few might be simple and provide you with the lowest line. while others beat across the bush. the use of simply such a strategies may not paintings. How approximately using each?
that is where the sandwich rule comes to play: sandwich concerns with encouraging phrases.
First, kingdom a effective declaration about the person.
Then, country your situation. Be careful and do not begin this sentence with "you," due to the fact people will robotically be on the shielding.
accompanied by using an encouraging announcement. This component is essential, as it allows the alternative person. additionally it tells them which you believe in her or him.
for instance:
kingdom a high quality declaration together with, "i've a blast hanging out with you."
nation a problem, "however, when you're round your friends, I sense such as you ignore me."
observed by an encouraging declaration together with, "I believe that next time we cling out along with your pals, you'll be extra attentive."
you'll get higher results the use of the sandwich above as oppose to: "You forget about me while you're together with your buddies. I do not like it. You need to trade."
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